Beet Apple Wheatgrass Juice


If you haven’t been to Chelsea Market in New York City, lemme tell ya something….YOU ARE MISSING OUT! That place is like a wonderful foodie heaven, jam packed into an inconspicuous warehouse building. Even better, the top floor, which is unfortunately restricted to use plebes, is Food Network HQ. Apparently, they film Iron Chef up in there. Cool stuff, right? They have restaurants in there like Amy’s Bread (try the chocolate cherry roll to experience utmost bliss), Ronnybrook Dairy (try the lavender milk to experience herbaceous righteousness), and Jacques Torres (try the chocolate chip cookie to experience bodily weightlessness). Basically, just try everything. And I took that motto to the extreme, I tried a juice concoction at One Lucky Duck, a vegan confectionary shop. It wasn’t just ANY juice concoction, it was a spicy, pink flavor extravaganza furnished with BLUE ALGAE. Yes, you heard that right…BLUE ALGAE. The stuff that lies at the bottom of murky ponds. Apparently, it’s delicious in smoothies. So, I tried my hand at the juice when I got home. Although, I forewent the blue algae (can you blame me, really?) I think I got pretty close!

1 beet
1 large apple
1-2 tablespoon hunk of ginger
1/2 cup wheatgrass1) Juice beets, apples, and ginger
2) Blend wheatgrass with some of the above juice. (I used my magic bullet!)
Blending the wheatgrass gets the most out of it. You could just stick it in the juicer, but I find that this wastes much of the wheatgrass.
3) Add wheatgrass to juice and stir and drink and yay!

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