Pomegranate Banana Energy Smoothie


So, I’ve been on kind of a pomegranate kick! Pomegranate is my favorite favorite favorite (favorite?) fruit of all time. (Mangoes come a close second). They’re tasty, healthy, and good for you! I’ve been feeling really tired this week. We got back to school on Jan. 2. Come on now! School, why must you be the day after new years when our sleep cycles are still corrupted (yes, corrupted) from the night before. So, I had an idea to make an energy smoothie! The energy comes from the flax powder added into this smoothie. If you’re hesitant about putting flax in your smoothie, don’t be! It can’t be tasted and it provides texture to the drink! I’ll post the recipe on the last page of this article, because on the next pages I’m posting nutritional facts and tips about each ingredient in the smoothie! Feel free to skip to the end 🙂
Source: Prevention Magazine’s Nutrition Advisor Book


If I hear another person claim that they learned how to spell bananas from the Gwen Stefani song, I will scream. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gwen Stefani, but….just….yeah.
Anyways, bananas, are high in vitamins- namely Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps fight infections and is essential in the formation of healthy blood cells (hemoglobin). Also, like everyone and their mother knows, bananas have potassium! This potassium has a myriad of benefits including warding against high blood pressure. Lastly, bananas are a good source of soluble fiber. So, eat up your bananas in smoothie form or any form!
The star of the show! Pomegranate! I could go on and on about how good pomegranate is, but I think it’ll be better to relay just how nutritious it is! It’s low in fat, of course, but even more than that, it’s a good source of Vitamin C, which abets immunity! It’s also a great source of fiber in lowering cholesterol levels and it contains a good amount of potassium! Big rewards from a tiny seed!
I think we all take yogurt for granted. Non-fat yogurt is quite an awesome thing. For starters, it’s non-fat (duh, sorry). Then, it contains two very, very important things. CALCIUM and VITAMIN B12. Now calcium is an extremely important ion in our body. It is (as I learnt in school) very important in terms of blood coagulation or clotting. If your blood didn’t clot, your cuts would never stop bleeding. Imagine that. Calcium also builds up the solid part of bones and teeth. So, calcium=GOOD. Also, Vitamin B12 is important pertaining to the nervous system. It ensures healthy nerves and a positive relaying of signals throughout the nervous system. Get yo yogurt on, people.
Flax Seeds
Sadly, my nutrition advisor does not have the nutritional benefits of flax seeds. Instead, I consulted the Mayo Clinic. What I found was very interesting. Flax seeds, apart from being high in fiber, protein, and promoting energy, are a natural cancer preventer. Flax seeds contain lignans. These lignans block the creation of harmful hormones and the growth of tumor cells. Interesting, right? Also, flax seeds have omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to heart health. So, next time, remember the flax!
If you had scrolled through the nutrition information, congratulations, you made it! I’ll simply post the recipe because I know all this reading is…painful.

1 banana
1/4 cup nonfat yogurt
Heaping 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
1 tbsp ground flax seeds

Blend with crushed ice

I don’t know what more to say than that!


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