Pomegranate Banana Parfait


I think my blog has assumed a theme or should I say themes. I think my last five or so recipes have been either pink or pomegranate related. But hey, too much pink and pomegranate never killed anyone (or so I think, dun dun dun). So, at the moment I am catching up on all the recipes I did not have time to post during (shudder) midterms week. This is one of my favorites! I had it for breakfast Saturday and Sunday before midterms. Let me tell you, I was able to push through Calculus, Latin, Physics without even a pang of hunger! So, if you find yourself with the morning grumbles just hours after breakfast you have to try this recipe! The best part of the recipe, even more than its ability to keep you full, is the textural and flavor combination. You get creamy, sour yogurt with the sweet banana against the crispy juicy pomegranate and buttery, hearty cheerios. Was that enough “y” sounds and adjectives for you…Anyways, try it!!

1 6oz blueberry fruit-on-the-bottom Chobani yogurt
(You can use any flavor of yogurt, even plain. I just used blueberry both times!)
1/2 cup honey nut cheerios
1/2 cup pomegranate
1/2 banana, sliced thinly

Prepare a tall approximately 16 oz glass for layering
Split the cheerios into two parts
Split the pomegranate into three parts
Split the bananas into four parts
Mix together the yogurt if you are using fruit-on-the-bottom
Start with 3 oz of yogurt on the bottom
Layer a group of the bananas, then pomegranate, then cheerios, then bananas, then pomegranate,
Add another 3 oz of yogurt, then bananas, then cheerios, then banana, then pomegranate

The parfait is layered so that the banana becomes a “bed” for the cheerios and other fruit so that they don’t become soggy! If you would like to chill the parfait a little stick it into the freezer for about 2 minutes….then eat it right away!



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