Zesty Green Smoothie Bowl


Lol two years since last post. Much is different. I spent an hour looking over my old posts and all I can say is tybg for the past two years. I learned a lot more about health, the environment, and food systems. (I also think I’m funnier, hmu if I’m wrong though) I rarely ever eat meat, dairy, and eggs anymore for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve contemplated deleting my old posts, but then all I’d have to show for myself is this baby food smoothie bowl 😦

So, hopefully this is a start to a new style of blog. I say hopefully because I’m lazy and even if this is the only thing I have to do all day, there’s a high possibility I won’t do it. I’m aiming for once a week. Also, since smoothie bowls are so aesthetic and require minimal recipe testing, you know I’m gonna upload a ton of these. Starting with this one.

Zesty is a shit word, but I couldn’t think of anything better to describe the whole lime in this smoothie bowl, so bear with me. This isn’t just a regular green smoothie thing, because those sometimes taste (and look) like vom. This is yummy ^.^ It combines lots of acid and creamy sweetness to offset the bitter greens.

Makes: 1 smoothie bowl

1.5 cup kale
1 frozen banana
1.5 cup frozen mango
1 cup fresh pineapple
1 quarter small lime (peel and all)
1/3 cup almond milk (adjust based on how crud ur blender is)

Blend and eat

Haha! That’s it! My boyfriend told me to tell you this recipe will give you superpowers! Bye!



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