Tropical Twist Smoothie Bowl


I got a lot of comments on the last smoothie bowl post: “aesthetic” isn’t a verb (eye roll), spinach for breakfast huh, and my favorite, what is the point of a smoothie bowl? I used to be a skeptic (s/o @mikekaravolias) until I experienced the pain (u all kno what i mean)  from inhaling 15 grams of fiber through a straw. The beauty of a smoothie bowl is that you can enjoy a thicker blend in a reasonable amount of time. (Sorry for the least convincing argument for smoothie bowls :/ ) Anyways, if you still think they’re cool, I have another recipe.


This smoothie bowl base is similar to the last one, but with a twist. There’s basil in it. The combination of mango and basil is underrated. People often have mint with fruit, but I think basil works better a lot of the time. Lmk what you think. Btw udairy has mango basil ice cream if you’re too lazy to make this bowl.

Makes: 1 bowl (next time I’ll measure how much 1 bowl is lol)

1 frozen banana
2 cups frozen mango
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
1/3 cup almond milk
Basil leaves (based on your taste, start with a few, add more if needed)

Blend and eat!!!



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